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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: the holy grail of web sites

SEO: the holy grail of every web site

Pretty much every web design company in Columbus says they do search engine optimization.

Just as we do. But to find out if they're any good, do a simple test:

Google the service they're selling in Columbus.

If you search for their services and their company doesn't show up on page 1 or 2 of that search, you can safely assume their level of expertise is not as good they think.

And if a Columbus web design firm can't get themselves on page one or two ranking, the chances of them getting better results for you are probably slim.

But we believe we have it down. How can we say that?  Well, if you're reading this you've probably found us (through a Google or bing search) due to our local search engine marketing (SEM) and local search engine optimization (SEO).


More prospects don't know your company than do...

... unless you're a Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple.

Which is why building SEO and SEM into your site based on the services or product you provide is one of the most important aspects of your web site.

Of course, anyone will find your site if they're searching for your company by its name. If you don't show up in the #1 spot when someone is searching for your company by name, you have other issues!


How is it done? Well, it's not magic.

We use Google's tools to assist us in researching the phrases your audience searches when their looking for the product or service you offer.

And often, the phrases they're searching for are not the same phrases you think. What you call your services may not be what your prospects call your services.

We've even been surprised on our own site. We thought people searched for "seo columbus" to find this service. However, through keyword research we found that 27x more people search for the phrases "local search engine optimization" to find that service (See screen shot below).

Local search engine marketing and local search engine optimization are a constant learning process. Things change, and we pride ourselves on keeping up on those trends so we can incorporate them into your web site.