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Email Newsletter Design

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Email marketing rules are the exact opposite
of direct mail marketing rules

With direct mail, you can assume the recipient is willing to receive it unless they opt out.

With email, you have to assume the recipient doesn't want it, unless they opt-in! 

Ignoring that simple rule can get you blacklisted in the reputable world of email faster than you can say "Can they really do that to us?" (The answer, of course, is "Yes"!) And getting off the blacklist is not a quick and easy process.

However, any Columbus web design or email marketing services company who knows what they're doing will help you avoid those problems.

The two most important items in email marketing are:

Your marketing message and your email list can make or break your email campaign.

If you send out a crappy email or email newsletter, the chances of your audience wanting to open it again go way down. Send out a really good one and they'll welcome your future email newsletters.

Additionally, if your send your emails to an audience that doesn't want them (for example, buying an email list), you'll be wasting your time and money.

Email marketing, like any marketing effort, should be done by folks who work through a reputable email service company (like Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor) which ensures delivery, and allows you to track who is opening you emails. (See screen shot of Campaign Monitor report below.)

Get your cyber-stalker on

The benefit of using companies like Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor, is they have agreements with all the big boys (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) to make sure your emails go through.

They also give you reports showing: who opens your email, who opts out, who clicked on the links and all sorts of helpful information. And this is just one of many reports.

Once your email goes out, then what?

Of course, creating an email campaign should only be part of your effort.

When your email presents an offer, or offers your audience more information, be sure to have links going back to your web site. And make sure there are corresponding pages on your web site that explain your offer in more detail.

Because what you really want from your email is to get your prospect to your web site so you can give them more information.

See our examples

You can see some of our email examples here on our Sevell+Sevell site, or click here see the accolades our own emails have received from Campaign Monitor.