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May 22 2013

Is SEO an art? A science? Or both? (Yes!)

fortune teller depicts the art of SEO

Is SEO and art, or is it science? We believe it's a little of both. Plus it also has thee benefits:

> let's you spend more time with your friends and family,

> give you more time to pursue hobbies, and

> let's you invest a little less time networking with folks you don't know.

We've found SEO is about having potential customers find you, which means it's one less customer that you have to go out and find. (And how much time would that save you?)

May 20 2013

Kooky tv spot about quitting smoking

kooky tv spot about how hard it is to quit smoking

This anti-smoking spot is surprising because they took a risk to create something that's memorable.

Anyone who has had to convince any one else of anything, knows that preaching is doesn't work. So this agency out of Wyoming went the humor route, and
created a series of tv spots for the Wyoming Department of Health.

May 17 2013

Meet people by not talking

still image from French tv spot for Orange, an internet connectivity firm

Being a bit old-school, we're not accustomed to trying to pick up women without actually talking to them. However, this ad by Orange (a French high-speed internet company like AT&T) is kinda cute.

We're thinking since 20 and 30-somethings prefer to communicate through text and images, maybe we're just not the target demographic.

May 15 2013

Guerilla marketing against child labor abuse

photo of homeless child in India to bring forced child labor to light

See how this guerilla marketing effort in Mumbai worked, click here.

Being handed the project of bringing the abuse of forced child labor to light for the residents and visitors of Mumbai is a tough project. AMO Communications, a marketing form in Mumbai, was given the challenge to bring the issue to light, and the approach you'll from the above link is what they came up with.

NEEDS TO BE RE-WRITTEN from here down

May 13 2013

Billboards we love: part 234

photo of billboard about safe driving

Sometimes, simple ideas are the best: though you have to wonder how long it takes to come up with these seemingly "simple" ideas. To see enlarged billboard click this link.

May 10 2013

Keeping you breast of breast cancer marketing

photo of mousepad that has 3D woman breast and face of woman

Of course, there's lots of mouse pads that have the shapes of woman's breasts, however, here's one for a good cause.

While there's only one month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, at least this mousepad, which is used everyday, makes one think of it year round. And of course, that's how it should be. 

May 3 2013

What you make is not what you sell

graphic that suggests there's two sides to every product

Whether you know it or not, your product or service does have a "sexy" side to it. An interesting side. A side that will intrigue your audiences. FINDING that side is critical to build your marketing around. And it's what we do, turning your product or service into a benefit for the prospect.

The importance of finding that side is critical, because no one wants to hear you saying awesome your product or service is. All they want to hear is "what's in it for me?"

May 1 2013

Find a web design firm who can get you found on Google

screen shot of futuristic contraption searching the skies

It's our goal to make you, or someone at your organization, enough of a search engine optimization expert to make sure your company's website shows up on page 1 of a Google or bing search.

Which brings us to the question of how (or, if) prospects find you online.

Assuming someone doesn't know your company name, would your website show up on page 1 of Google search if your prospect was searching by what you do? First, let's assume more folks don't know your (or our) company names, than do, since you (or we) are not Apple, Mike or Mercedes.

Apr 29 2013

How companies show their personalities: part 2

screen shot from russian construction company

We think your website is the perfect place to show off the individuality of your company. And today, we're sharing two examples of highlighting personality that we love:

A website for what we're guessing is a Russian construction company's "error page". Be sure to move your cursor around the screen to change the vantage point, btw, an "Error Page" is a page within your website that defaults to tell someone that page doesn't exist, and

Apr 26 2013

Is your audience bored by your enewsletters?

Did you know that email rules are based on the exact opposite of direct mail's r

Here's an interesting fact you should know: email's rules are the exact opposite of direct mail's rules.

The direct mail rule is: it's OK to send your mailing piece out, unless someone opts out. With email, it's not OK to send your email to someone, unless they opt-in!

Apr 24 2013

Would this get your interest, or get you mad?

photo of fake tire boot to promote a parking app

Even as a Columbus web design and marketing firm, we're big fans of guerilla marketing. And unlike many other Columbus web designers, we're marketers first (opposed to web designers first).

Matter of fact, in addition to web design, we've also been doing advertising, email and direct mail, and picking up a few awards along the way.

We know it's getting harder to create marketing that gets noticed. And that's why we encourage our clients to take a bit of a risk with their marketing.

Apr 19 2013

One more Microsoft Windows 8 great marketing idea

still image from Microsoft guerilla marketing effort

Microsoft Windows' marketing has been doing some awesome marketing these days. Here's a simple idea which shows that using Windows 8 can be fun, and that the new Microsoft Windows operating system is fast.

Apr 17 2013

Really cute Microsoft Windows 8 marketing thing

image from Microsoft tv spot showing how easy it is to use their new operating s

As a Columbus web design studio, we're obviously Apple addicts, but we really like this Microsoft ad. So we give to give credit where credit is due: which is to the ad agency Microsoft hired to do cool new ads and guerilla marketing efforts.

Apr 15 2013

Why we hate finding clients

photo of little kid being upset he has to do something, like find clients

It's not that we really hate finding clients, it's just the we prefer if they find us!

Like us, we assume your success depends on finding new customers for your company. And of course, keeping your current customers happy.

Finding new clients isn't always tons of fun because there's lots of networking and it takes up a lot of your evenings. And even at those events, there's no guarantee you'll meet someone who needs your services.

Apr 10 2013

Not taking a risk with your marketing?

Columbus web designers offers their opinoin on marketing

Click here to see this image in an ad we created.

It's our opinion if your marketing doesn't take a bit of a risk, you're not making the most of your company's marketing. That's because taking a risk can make your website and marketing stand out and be memorable.

Apr 8 2013

Truly interactive billboard

photo of animated billboard for the Mricoloan Foundation

You've probably heard about micro loans: small loans to mostly women in some of the poorest countries in the world.

An organization called The Microloan Foundation ran a promotion using an interactive billboard titled, "Pennies for Life." It is a truly amazing feat of interactivity, and you can see the billboard in action here.

Apr 8 2013

Building websites for smart phones

Columbus web design firm talks about the responsive websites they do

Real quick: a responsive website is one that intuitively knows whether your website is being looked at your site on a desktop computer, an iPad or a smart phone, and "automatically" re-sizes the graphics to fit the screen.

Apr 5 2013

How to pick the right Columbus web design firm.

Columbus web designer talks about how to hire a Columbus web design firm

You have a lot of choices when it comes to having someone building your company's website.

You've got your four basic groups of Columbus web designers who say they do web design: you've got your IT folks; your graphic designer turned Columbus web designer; your nephew/niece/neighbor's kid; and your marketing-focused Columbus web design firm. (That'd be us!)

Apr 3 2013

The importance of blogging correctly

columbus web designer shares tips on being found on Google

If you blog on your website, it's important to know if you're doing it right.

The three questions to ask yourself are:

Apr 1 2013

A question we often pose to our clients.

columbus web designer shares their perspective on marketing

We'd heard this question posed years ago, and we've been asking it ever since, in our conversations and presentations: "Is rationalization more important than sex?"

And the answer is "Yes! And it's because you can hardly get by one day, without some kind of rationalization."

Mar 29 2013

Revisiting a favoraite post from 2012

Geico ad: a favorite from a columbus web design firm

Once in a while we re-visit past blogs, and when we cam across this one, a tv spot from Geico called "Ew, Seriously? So Gross" we thought it might be worth sharing again.

It is a great use of humor and appealing to the emotional size of what they do. It's not your typical boring insurance ad because of its humor and appealing our emotional side via a sense of embarrassment.

Mar 27 2013

How to reach an audience that's always multi-tasking

Columbus web design firm's interpretation of the short attention span society

We're all members of the Short Attention Span Society: when we read, we scan; when we research, we bounce around; when we're listening to someone, our minds drift.

Your audience is in a constant state of multi-tasking, and when they read your website or marketing materials, they're easily distracted.

Which is why boring headlines and uninspired visuals don't work anymore... not that they ever really worked to begin with.

Mar 25 2013

Showing up on page 1 of a Google search

Columbus web designer talks about SEO

There's a website called Neuromarketing, and their tagline is "Where brain science and marketing meet."

Mar 20 2013

How to show up on page 1 of a Google search

Columbus web deisgn studio talks about search engine optimization

Everyone wants to show up on page 1 of a Google search, but only 10 companies for any search can do it. (That's how many listings there are on each Google results page.)

What's step #1? Knowing what phrases your audience uses when searching for your products or services.

Mar 18 2013

Some phrases translate internationally after all!

Columbus web design firm shares cool social media things

Here's a "digital vigilantism" social media effort to embarrass folks who are inconsiderate parkers in Moscow, Russia.

(By the way, how cool is it that some phrases, like "douchebag," translate internationally?)

Mar 15 2013

Could this be the world's best washing machine ad? Uh... yeah!

Columbus web design firm shares awesome marketing from around the world.

Can you imagine Samsung asking for a viral video to be created for their new eco-friendly washing machine? What a stretch that would have to be, and a very tough assignment for any creative team.

But the The Viral Factory in England created this amazing video for the Ecobubble washing machine. You've gotta check it out.

Mar 13 2013

If you're better than your competitors, shouldn't your website be better than theirs?

image comparing websites to eachother via dog photos

Think about how you search for professional services (say, like looking for a Columbus web designer!): you most likely start your search on the web. And what happens when you see a crappy website? You move on pretty quickly.

So if your website isn't better than your competitor's sites, you might not get the chance to have that first conversation with a prospect. But your competitor might if their site is better than yours.

If your site doesn't make great first impression, it just might be the last thing your prospect sees about your company.

Mar 11 2013

2013: the year of responsive web deisgn

Columbus web designer interpretation of responsive web design

Should you not know what "responsive web design" is, it's a website that automatically re-configures itself based on a viewer's screen size whether its an iPad, iPad Mini or smart phone.

So for the first time, you main website can also be a mobile site as well.

And it's not just this Columbus web designer saying it: check out this article on mashable about it.

Mar 8 2013

When it comes to marketing your company, not taking a risk is the biggest risk of all

image of manin waiting and not taking a risk

What's the biggest risk you can take with your marketing? Not taking a risk. If you don't take a risk, it likely means your marketing won't stand out, and won't be memorable.

Creating marketing that isn't memorable is just wasting your company's marketing money, and your prospect's time: two things you'll never get back.

Mar 6 2013

Don't worry, this has a happy ending (so to say)

Columbus web designer talks about marketing

This commercial for Nolan's Cheddar Cheese has a happy ending. And a truly funny one. It's from a couple of years ago, but certainly worth sharing again.

The reason this Columbus web designer loves it, is that it's all about being unexpected and memorable. And being memorable is what makes you stand apart from those pesky companies you compete against every day.

Mar 4 2013

In your industry, do customers get what they pay for?

photo comparing costs of websites

We suspect in your industry, customers get what they pay for. That seems to be true in most industries. It's certainly true in technology, marketing and web design.

A critical element in marketing (and this is what differentiates Columbus web design firms from each other) is how they you convey that quality difference to your prospects.

Because websites are services not products, every Columbus web design company will produce a different website for you.

Mar 1 2013

How do people find you when they don't know your name?


Here's the question of the day (or actually, the year): how would people who don't know the name of your company find your website?

Since you and we aren't Coke, Apple or Nike, it's a safe assumption that a lot more of our respective prospects don't know the name of our respective companies.

Feb 26 2013

Who is bold enough to run an and like this?

Columbus web designer shares awesome ads from RyanAir

Who has the balls to run an ad series like this? Ryan Air. To see two of the ads, see the "sandwich" ad here and the "carry on" ad here.

We are all about memorable marketing and love sharing the better stuff.

Feb 24 2013

Amazing geurilla effort marketing from Germany

screen shot from YouTube video of guerilla marketing effort

We are amazed at this guerilla marketing effort for German deodorant Nivea antiperspirant.

Feb 22 2013

News from the Marketing Front

cartoon about crowdsourcing from Noise to Signal

This series of future predictions is from the efforts of Hubspot, a forward-thinking, insightful company working in the marketing and web world. We are followers and fans of Hubspot, and like sharing their information.

Feb 20 2013

Emotionomics work well for Sealy mattresses

screen shot of still from Sealy mattress tv spot

We recently ran across this awesome tv spot for Sealy mattresses with the double entendre theme "Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it." The spot depicts how the bedroom is the setting for many of life's touching momen

Feb 18 2013

Which headline do you think works better?

Cosmopolitan Hotel billboard

As you might imagine, the headline on the left is the actual headline from the Cosmopolitan Hotel's marketing.

If you remember the old days (which, in the web world, are the 1980s, not 1880s) headlines were solely written to get someone's attention by being cute, clever, or using the "fear factor" (about losing something you have or not getting something you want).

Now, in the world of Google searches, search engines can't decipher cleverness which means clever headlines don't work with search engines.

Feb 15 2013

One of our new responsive websites

screen shot of Orthoneuro's webste

Responsive web design. As a Columbus web design firm, we're all over this.

Why? Because this year has been proclaimed, "The year of responsive web design." (Click the link to see an article on responsive web design.)

Feb 13 2013

Responsive websites we've done

Columbus web design firm shows off one of their websites

If you're seeking a Columbus web design firm who does responsive web design, you're on the right track. Responsive web design allows your main website to also work as a mobile site: something that really wasn't possible until last year.

We've designed some responsive websites, most recently ones for and

Feb 11 2013

Belgium is such an awesome marketing place

Columbus web designer shares awesome ambient marketing

How come Belgium seems to be a leader in cool ambient marketing? We can't answer that, but we love this geurilla marketing effort about a "mind reader" who can tell pretty much everything about you, including your bank account number.

Feb 8 2013

New reasons to consider responsive web deign

image reporesenting responsive web design

If you're having a website designed and it isn't a responsive web design, it is pretty much outdated before it's even completed.

Responsive design means your website automatically re-configures your site's graphics and content based on the user’s screen size. This allows your website to "instinctively" optimize itself for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Feb 6 2013

Lessons we can learn about selling from the Girl Scouts

What we can learn about selling from the Girl Scoutes

Fun facts about Girl Scout cookie sales"

Feb 4 2013

Connect to a prospect who doesn't know you from Adam

Columbus web designers share how to connect with prospects

Is there someone on your company's radar you'd like as a client, but the person you want to talk with in that company has no idea who you are?

If someone doesn't know you, they probably won't take your call or respond to your email from. We know: we've been there.

Of course, that didn't stop us from trying.

Feb 1 2013

How to rank high on Google

 columbus web designer offer advice on showing up on Google

Our goal is to get you to be the first ten companies showing up on Google when someone searches for your products or services. Being in the Top 10 means being on page 1 of that Google search.

How does that happen? Well, when you're writing copy for your website, and specifically your blogs, you should be writing for two audiences: your prospects and Google.

Jan 30 2013

The study of tag lines for your logo

Columbus web designer shares the study of tag lines for your logo

The really good tag lines stay with you, like the one above for Lay's Potato Chips. Of course, they've been using it for decades, but think about what your tag lines says about your company.

The organization Neuromarketing (yes, that is an actual discipline) recently wrote an article entitled: How to write tag lines that double sales. Personally, we're not sure any tagline can manage that, but you can read the article here.

Jan 28 2013

Best Yoga ad ever...

columbus web designer shares really good marketing

The best ads have visuals that require hardly any explanation. This is one of those ads. Click here to see the ad in its entirety.

Jan 25 2013

Why not to hire an IT person to do your website

columbus web designer talks about the difference between web designer and IT

When it comes to designing and building your company website, who is the better choice between a Columbus web designer and an IT person?

Of course, not all Columbus web designers are alike, nor are all IT folks, but your decision should depend on whether you look at your website as a marketing tool. If the answer is yes, wouldn't you prefer to have someone with a marketing background design and build your website?

When deciding between the two options, we think someone with a marketing background would be the better choice.

Jan 23 2013

We're all members of The Short Attention Span Society

columbus web designer says we're all members of the short attention span society

Yes, we are all members and there's no way that's gonna change anytime soon. It's the reason news programs work with sound bites instead of in-depth coverage.

So you want a Columbus web designer who knows how to plan your marketing around this little fact of life, and make it work to your advantage. How do we do that?

Make you visuals different, interesting, attention-getting, and tell a bit of a story about what you do that helps your customers.

Jan 21 2013

Does your website show you're better than your competition?

columbus web designer comparing websites to your quality

If your customers are like everyone else (they are) they start their search for pretty much everything online.

So when prospects are looking for your services, like you, they're online looking at  multiple websites. Isn't that what you're doing now as you're searching for a Columbus web designer?

And now, let's assume your company is better at what they do than your competitors. Based on that, shouldn't your website be better than your competitors?

Jan 18 2013

How to find the top 10 Columbus web designers

columbus web designer tells the secret to finding the top 10 seo web design firm

It'd be fair to say that lots of Columbus web designers say they do search engine optimization (SEO). But just how do you know if any Columbus web designer is as good as they say?

The answer is really simple: Google the phrase Columbus web designer. You can see if that web designer's website shows up on page one. If they do, you can believe them when they say they know what they are doing.

If they're not on page 1 of Google, they're not one of the top ten Columbus web designers who are good at SEO.

Jan 16 2013

Emotionomics: the emotional approach to marketing

Columbus web designer talks about emotional approach to marekting

What is more important: sex or rationalizing? The answer: Sex: because you can't go one day without rationalizing.

Everyday, people rationalize their buying decisions to justify whatever they've decide emotionally. The proof? If everyone bought cars rationally, there'd be a lot more people driving Hondas and Fords than BMWs and Mercedes.

Jan 14 2013

The importance of keyword research

futuristic interpretation of how people find things online

Do you know how many people searched Google in the past 30 days for exactly what you do? You might not, but you should.

Through keyword research, we know that, every month, 2,900 people search on the phrase "Columbus web designer." That's not 2,900 people (many folks do multiple searches), but even if it's 1,000 folks, that's a lot of people.

Of course, not all 1,000 actually click to our site, but we do show up on page 1 for the search phrase Columbus web designer.

Jan 11 2013

4 important questions to ask any Columbus web designer

Columbus web designer tells you the critical questions to ask

You're an expert in your field. That's why folks hire you to do what you do.

And it's why you should hire professional web designers (instead of your nephew or an art student) to develop and build your website.

When you know the right questions to ask, you'll understand why there's a big difference. If you don't ask these questions, you'll most certainly end up with a website that doesn't reflect the level of professionalism of your company.

So we humbly offer this list of demands you should run by any Columbus web designer:

Jan 9 2013

Finding new clients? HATE IT!

columbus web designer talks about search engine optimization

We think it's safe to say that, one of the Top Ten least favorite things to do at work is finding new clients. But wouldn't it be awesome if new clients found you?

How would that happen, you ask? Well, prospects find you when your website turns up high in a Google search for the phrase people use to find your products or services.

But you never guess at what those phrases are: you research it through Google's Keyword Tool.

Jan 6 2013

One of the best guerilla marketing events. Ever.


We've been huge fans of this guerilla marketing event from Carlsberg Beer for years, so we're amazed we haven't shared the Carlsberg Beer guerilla marketing event that took place in Brussels.

The concept is so simple: when you do something noteworthy, you deserve a Carlsberg Beer!

Jan 3 2013

2013 is the year for Reponsive Web Design

 Columbus web designers Sevell+Sevell build responsive websites

In 2013, it is expected that over 100 million tablets will be sold (in addition to the batch already sold) in the United States. With 310 million people in the U.S., odds are folks are searching for what you do using iPads and smart phones.

As Columbus web designers we create responsive web design, which means your website automatically re-configures itself based on the users screen size.

Jan 1 2013

Suburban white woman not being web savvy...

Wells Fargo creates really dumb ad

At least that's what we get from this Wells Fargo ad, but y'know, maybe they did focus groups and determined not every soccer mom knows they can order things online safely.

To see the entire ad, click here.

Dec 28 2012

One of our favorite series of direct mail

Columbus web designers share direct mail pieces they've done

Even though we're Columbus web designers, we've also backgrounds in creating direct mail and advertising.

As an example, this direct mail/email series we created for Bob Boyd Ford/Lincoln/Mercury's service department was done under the guidance of Mr. Steven Danglade.

Dec 26 2012

When you smoke, your baby smokes

columbus web designer shares cool ads they like

That's the headline for this anti-smoking campaign for the Vermont Department of Public Health.

It goes on to say "Smoking while pregnant causes birth defects, brain damage and regret." We love this ad. To see the entire ad, click here.

The image was also used in posters, brochures and banner ads, and picked to be in the Communication Art 2012 Advertising Annual.

Dec 21 2012

We're in the holiday spirit, too!


As we often do, we share viral videos that we think are funny. Like this holiday video.

And as Columbus web designers, we don't create videos or tv spots, but we like the theory behind these, which is making something memorable. And whether you're doing guerilla marketing, direct mail or email marketing, to get your audiences' attention you have to do something different.

Dec 19 2012

If you were in Dubai, you could be having this much fun!

columbus web designer shares an ad for the Dubai shopping festival

See... Burka-wearing woman can have fun!

Is it more fun shopping in Dubai than the U.S.? In Dubai, where the government seems to run most aspects of daily life, they organize the Dubai Shopping Festival which you can learn about in this ad.

Dec 15 2012

Doritos Super Bowl ad contest

image from user generate Superbowl ad for Doritos

Every year (lately), Doritos has held a contest for creatives to create and submit a Doritos ad to run during the Super Bowl. Not sure what the winning entry gets (other than notoriety, which, considering it is s Super Bowl ad, is a lot) but we think they should get more than that from Doritos... considering it is Super Bowl ad!

Dec 12 2012

Sexy shebot doesn't really turn us on

columbus web design firm shares the good, bad, and ugly marketing

We just read Baochi Nguyen's blog about "Humanizing your brand" and it made us think about the other end of the spectrum: the weird Svedka Vodka

Dec 10 2012

Esquire sets new standards in interactivity

columbus web deisgner sharing what will replcae QR codes

Check out Esquire's November issue. They using some awesome new technology that goes beyond QR codes. An app that brings almost every page to life: the cover; the cover story, the "Joke from a Beautiful Woman" (the sexy-cool Jamie Lee Kirchner), and the ads themselves.

Dec 7 2012

We do not understand this "Ultra Tampons" website

columbus web design firm is confused about this tampon website

Maybe someone out there can tell us if we're missing something here.

Or tell us if you think this is one of the dumbest websites you've seen.

Dec 5 2012

Ad for event fighting cervical cancer

columbus web designer shares great advertising

To see the ad in its entirety, click here.

And the two others in the series here and here.

This is an example of 1) and ad series we wished we'd done, and 2) something so beautifully simple and memorable it deserves to be recognized.

Dec 3 2012

Another awesomely simple ad we love

Columbus web design firm shows off cool ad for Sears optical

And believe it or not, it's from Sears, no less! Who'd have thought they'd do something as cool as this? To see the entire ad, click here.

We're showing this as part of our ongoing effort to talk about the importance of having memorable marketing, because if your marketing is like 95.5% of all marketing, it's pretty boring... except maybe to you and your spouse/partner/mother/whatever.

Nov 28 2012

#2 trend in websites: responsive web design

steampunk image indicating responsive web design in columbus

According to .net magazine, one the top magazine for web designers, they've determined that responsive web design is one of the top trends of this year.

Nov 26 2012

Toyota Scion's microsite appeals to target audience

website linking to Toyota Scion's marketing

This is pretty cool. Talk about targeting a distinct audience with a micro site, here's is an awesome example of that.

Scion is appealing to the creative community, specifically those who want to start their own business in the arts, music, writing... anything creative.

Nov 23 2012

Is this man a marketing genius?

Columbus web designer shares photo of homeless man with sign that is memorable

Well, maybe not a genius, but lets say he is smarter than your average panhandler.

He understands the importance of getting your audiences' attention, and have your message be memorable. As a Columbus web designer who is also a marketer, we often stress the importance of being memorable with your marketing.

If not, you run the risk not being noticed at all. And when your marketing goes unnoticed, it's a huge waste of your company's marketing dollars.

Nov 21 2012

An oldie, but absolute goodie!

photo of Nationwide Insurance billboard of spilled paint

For a larger version of this billboard, click here.

When we say "oldie" we're talking in the last few years. We're sure some folks remember this billboard, designed by Pete Scantland's Orange Barrel Media, right here in Columbus. It's a great example of creating something that's memorable, so even when it's not around anymore, it lives on in infamy!

Nov 19 2012

The beauty of simplicity

image of fork with a tong shortened to look like a hand

How come we don't hear a lot about unicef other than at Halloween? It's a huge organization that reaches out to feed and treat illnesses for people in 191 countries.

Nov 17 2012

The dangers of texting while driving

image from tv spot about the dangers of texting while driving

We're big fans of not texting while driving, and we love this spot done by the Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation. It shows what the history of texting might have been, and why it's not a good idea.

Nov 14 2012

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for...

columbus web design firm shares questions to ask before you hire a web designer

Just like the differences between your company and your competitors, not all Columbus web design firm are the same.

Think about how your company compares to your prospects:

Nov 12 2012

Memorable Fiat Palio tv spot

Columbus web design firm shares marketing efforts of intertest

We stumbled upon this Fiat Palio spot again recently, and while its been around for a while, it's so entertaining we thought we'd share it once more.

We think it's worth 45 seconds of your time, just as a reminder that good marketing is memorable. And as a reminder: if your marketing isn't memorable, you're wasting your company's cash and your prospect's time.

Nov 9 2012

Heatmapping: tracking eye movement for marketing purposes

heat mapping is how to track the eye movement of people

"Heatmapping" is about proving the success of good visual hierarchy.

Any good Columbus web design firm should know good design "directs" the visitor's path on your site. This means highlighting the most critical things you do to make your customers' lives better, easier or more productive, instead of just thinking: "Oh, they'll find that information on their own."

Nov 7 2012

Text column widths is only part of the blog...

columbus website design talks about good web design

Designing websites is all about making the information easy to access and easy to read.

We recently read this article about the right column width for text, and while it is important, we think having the right headline and visual are even more important. Because no one is even going to read your blog, ad or website if they don't find the subject of interest.

Nov 2 2012

The most creative magazine ad we've ever seen

ad instructs readers to turn the magazine into an amplifier for their iPhone.

Capricho Magazine, is a lifestyle magazine (based in Brazil) for young hipsters living in South America. And this ad for Coke - created by the JWT ad agency in San Paulo - is so creative, we're in awe of the folks who came up with it.

Two amazing things we've discovered are:

1) the beautiful Taylor Swift is just as popular in South America as here, and

2) This ad for Coke showed some impressive creativity

Oct 31 2012

über cool guerilla marketing effort

Columbus web design firms shares guerilla Marketing effort used in German

OK, the subject matter may be a bit bizarre, but the results: to help German people who have slipped into the neo-Nazi culture, extract themselves from that lifestyle, were impressive.

This video details an insanely creative guerilla marketing and social media effort that resulted in world wide media coverage. And because of that, was voted the #1 social media hit in Germany last year.

Oct 29 2012

"Ambient" marketing effort for Coke's 007 movie ticket giveaway

Columbus web design firm sharing ambient Marketing effort

We love these types of guerilla marketing (also called "ambient marketing") stunts. Although not all are done as well as this one.

Coke was giving away tickets to the new James Bond movie premiere, Skyfall, in London. So they got folks interested in getting tickets, to release their "inner Bond."

Oct 26 2012

Non-profit advertising we're proud of...

columbus web design firm shows off the advertising work they do

As a Columbus web design company, we also help our clients with their advertising and other marketing materials. See our advertising work on our sister site, here.

Oct 24 2012

Responsive web design: the next wave

Columbus web design firm talks about responsive coding

For those of you not familiar with responsive web design, it is, simply, the way to make your main site play well with iPads and smart phones. It lets your main site function as a mobile site. No more need to have them function as two separate sites.

If you're looking for a Columbus web design firm to create a responsive web design site for you, look to us.

Oct 22 2012

Cool logo we've done for the DCM investment firm

Logo for Delta Capital Management firm in Columbus Ohio

This is a logo we recently designed, and want to share because we think it works so well with their tagline: "Changing the way you think about investing."

While a logo often takes shape based on the company's name, sometimes it comes together based on their positioning statement. And there's a big difference between the two: sometimes the name of the company doesn't explain what they do, but on their positioning statement does.

(Would you know what Pepsi is the first time you heard it without seeing the product?)

Oct 19 2012

"The Power of a Coin" very cool fundraising idea from Europe

web design columbus folks talk about cool marketing ideas

Misereor (pronounced Miz-air-ee-or), one of Europe's largest childrens' charities, raises money for kids in developing countries.

As with most charities, raising donations is one of their mot time-consuming efforts, so coming up with a method that gets results is critical. This is what they did.

Oct 17 2012

When you write for websites, write for two audiences

columbus website design folks talks about search engine optimization

There's this website called Neuromarketing, whose focus is "Where brain science and marketing meet." Marketing has come a long way...

Oct 15 2012

Cool logo we've done for Injection Direct

columbus graphic design company's logo for Injection Direct

Even though we're a Columbus web design firm, we also do print design. For example, this logo for a Florida-based digital marketing firm focusing on the marina and automotive industries.

For a word that conjures up the image of movement, we wanted to incorporate the feeling of motion. There was considerable thought that went into designing this logo: we didn't just "spew" it out, y'know! We think the unusual shape also draws attention to it.

Our next project for Injection Direct is their website and other marketing materials. 

Oct 12 2012

Why NOT taking chances is taking the bigger risk with your marketing

ad done for Westport Homes columbus web design firm

True, we are a Columbus website design firm, however, we do a lot of advertising design as well. And this is a recent ad we did for Westport Homes. You can see the ad in its entirety here.

Oct 10 2012

Guerilla marketing and social media get results

columbus web designer shares guerilla marekting success stories

This is a guerilla marketing and social media success story from a politically-focused website in "Yekaterinburg" one of the largest cities in Russia. It is, however, a lesson we can all learn from. It's all about someone's efforts to get the mayor of Yekaterinburg to fix some major potholes.

Oct 8 2012

Vey cool bus stop billboard idea from China

way cool image of bus stop poster in 3D

Another example of very cool work coming out of other countries. The über cool thing about it is when the billboard is viewed from the side, the knife is actually a 3D element. And we imagine, you just can't help but touch the edge sticking out to see how sharp it is.

This billboard for a home and garden store in Beijing, China shows a knife cutting food, in this case, carrots. In other billboards, the knife is cutting fish and other vegetables.

Oct 5 2012

A story about how SEO works

columbus web design firm gets client in Dallas TX

This story started when folks in Texas bought the Columbus-based Liquibox company and wanted to find a Columbus website design firm, and found us.

And we all live happily ever after. End of story.

Well, that is not actually the end of the story. It's the beginning of the story for how we might be able to help you be found online when a prospect searches Google for what you do.

Oct 3 2012

To be found on Google, blog your butt off...

columbus web designer shares thoughts on SEO

Whenever we work with folks, they always ask how they can show up on the first page of a Google search. There are lots of factors that come into play to get there, but the one we tell them most of the time is to blog your butt off! (Figuratively speaking of course!)

There are other key pieces to your website that have to happen, but blogging is an easy, and easily controllable way to keep Google indexing your site. You also have your link backs, your Meta Descriptions, on-page SEO, Page Titles, yada, yada, yada...

Oct 1 2012

SEO: Part art. Part science.

fortune teller image shows the way not to do your SEO

Most Columbus web design firms will tell you SEO is all about getting your website to show up on page 1 on Google. And that's true, but not necessarily what we say.

We say SEO is also about:

> spending more time with your friends and family,

> having more time to play and do the things you love, and

> spending less time networking after hours and over luncheons.

Sep 28 2012

This has noting to do with web design: it's just cool.

columbus website design firm shares an optical illusion

Every once in a while we run across something we find cool, but has nothing to do with web design or marketing, and this is one of those things.

We see optical illusions quite a bit, but when one confuses us, we think it's good. We're guessing that's the same reason anyone might share one of these. If it's an obvious illusion and you don't like it, you don't share it. So that's it. Nothing insightful.

Sep 26 2012

This is kinda weird, but:

columbus website design firm talk about typefaces

There's studies for everything these days and, including one on the effectiveness of "fancy fonts" that you can read here. And at Princeton University no less!

Sep 24 2012

No one wants to spend time finding clients

how to have clients find you instead of you finding them

That's right: we don't WANT to find new clients... because we want them to find us! Because when prospects find you, you can imagine how much easier it makes your sales efforts.

As a Columbus website design company, we can get as giddy as a little school girl when someone calls or emails us from our website. We love that. And the way that happens is to show up high on a Google search for the phrase your prospects use to find you. In our case, it's: Columbus website design.

Sep 22 2012

Guerilla marketing effort goes viral in 24 hours

viral voting video from Tunisia

Since the Presidential elections are happening in November, we thought they'd share this amazingly smart video from Tunisia that went viral, around the world, in 24 hours.

Sep 19 2012

IE7 users, be warned: you are oblivious!

screen shot of retailer IE7 tax

The more you know...

Here's a good public service announcement: If you are using Internet Explorer 7, (IE7) you are hopelessly behind the times! Everyone in the web world knows it, as does every Columbus website design firm.

And finally, someone is taking stand! A retailer in Australia adds a 7% fee on buyers who use Internet Explorer 7, and as IE7 gets more and more outdated, the tax goes up just a little more each month.

Sep 8 2012

Website for Mary Shipley Interiors

Columbus web designer talks about their new project

There's this interior designer who who wins all kinds of awards, works in multiple cities and has clients who love her. It's Mary Shipley, and she is an outstanding interior designer. You can see Mary Shipley's website here.

She asked us to design and build a website that reflects the type of high-end interior design work she does. And each website we design, it's our goal to make it truly unique.

Aug 25 2012

Westport Homes does some kickass advertising

Westport Homes advertisig goes out on a limb

This is why we love the fine folks at Westport Homes: they are willing to go out on a limb for their ads. To see this Westport ad, click here.

So we give a shout out to Jack Mautino and Kelly Garland from Westport Homes Ohio for understanding that in order to get someone's attention in an ad it has to have an image and headline that grabs someone's attention in the 2-3 seconds you have. 

Aug 17 2012

Cool, new website for National Door & Trim

image from National Door & Trim's new website

We blogged about our work for National Door & Trim before, and recently we've launched the new website we designed. You can check out ND&T's new website here. And if you're in the "Color Options" section, you might even run across this little guy.

The reason we really like working for National Door & Trim is they're willing to do things a little out of the ordinary, which surprisingly, not everyone is willing to do.

Aug 4 2012

Newly launched Short North website

columbus website design shows the Wood Companies website they designed

In addition to designing the site, we've recently redesigned the Wood Companies website, at

Jul 23 2012

Image from an ad we created for National Door & Trim

columbus web design firm talks about marketing

We have an awesome new client by the name of National Door & Trim. (Even though we're a Columbus web design firm, we also do a lot of advertising.)

To see the actual ad with the sexy legs you see above, click here.

Jul 14 2012

QR code technology brings ads to life

Columbus web design firm highlights their QR code ad

Even a Columbus website design firm has to do some advertising once in a while. Check out the ad here.

We recently ran this ad in Builder Update magazine, which featured a QR code that can be scanned by a smart phone user. The QR code takes the viewer to a video of why they should work with Sevell+Sevell, Inc.

Jul 5 2012

Good design is only part of your site. Getting it found is the other.

columbus web designer shows examples of their work

We have a company we love working with: custom home builder Compass Homes. And we are huge fans of Marketing Director Pam Cinelli, and the main man: Mark Braunsdorf.

They appreciate good marketing and understand the concept behind getting your marketing noticed in 3 seconds. And because of that, they're always open to the more unusual things we do when it comes to advertising and web design.

Jun 23 2012

Why can't more billboards be this cool?

billboard in NYC that columbus web design firm is sharing

We're originally from NYC, but now, as owners of a Columbus website design firm, we took a long weekend recently and went back to NYC. We love being back there and always noticed how much cooler billboards are there.

There's noticeably better billboards being done there, but we don't think it's because the billboards are being created by agencies in NYC. Those of us who follow this stuff know that for years, many of the superstar design agencies haven't been located throughout the country in places other than NYC.

Jun 15 2012

Got a love/hate thing going with Mickey Ds...

photo from a McDonalds TV spot

As a Columbus website design firm, we don't do TV spots, but we can appreciate good marketing in whatever form it takes.. and we believe you do as well.

May 20 2012

Winning 7 BIA Marketing Awards Ain't So Bad...

Columbus web design firm's award from the Columbus BIA

It's been a good year for us at the 2012 Building Industry Association's MAME (Marketing & Merchandising Excellence) Awards.

Sure we're happy, but even more importantly, the clients we've done the work for are happy. And when they're happy, we're happy. So we thank them, and all our clients, for letting us do good work for them, because having happy clients is the true reward. (And we are not bullsh-ting!)

For the record, we came away with awards in the following categories:

May 10 2012

How companies can show their personalities

screen shot of excellent "Error Page" for Russian Construction firm

There's all kinds of ways a company can stand apart from their competition, including giving their website and marketing materials personality. And that makes your company more memorable... even when there's an "error" on your website.

For those folks who might not know what a "404 Page" or "Error Page" is, it is a page someone lands on within your website, when they either:

May 5 2012

Ew! Really? That's SO gross, dude...

web designer columbus shares cool marketing examples

Geico Insurance always has the best commercials, but this one, called "Ew, Seriously? So Gross" caught our attention. Check it out and you'll see why.

The reason we love it, is because it appeals to one's sense of humor, and just as importantly, to ones' sense of embarrassment, one of the most powerful emotions. Making an emotional connection with your audience creates a bind, and reason to do something.

Apr 30 2012

New logo we created that's kinda cool...

columbus website design firm shares their work

We're working on a website for A.R. Mellinger, a company that sells, installs and services elevators, stairway chair lifts and wheelchair lifts. And for that site we developed this logo.

This new logo will appear on their new website we're working on now.

As a Columbus website design firm, we designed this logo which replaced an existing logo the client was happy with. However, we knew the existing logo, to put it nicely, wouldn't look so good on the new site. 

Mar 26 2012

Non-profits have to be innovative marketers to compete for donations

Photo showing example from African Angel, a non-profit promotion

We're a Columbus website design / marketing firm, who works with non-profits to reinforce the idea that non-profit organizations have to be marketers, just like every other entity who is asking people to part with their hard-earned money.

Smart non-profits understand they're competing with everyone, and everything,  who are looking to get their audiences' limited attention and finances.

Mar 11 2012

Are you using QR codes well for your business?

columbus website design talks QR codes

As a Columbus website design firm, we recommend using QR codes to our clients often. But not as they usually think about using them: which is plopping one on an ad as an afterthought to get someone to their homepage.

That's boring.

And it sets up your visitor for an awful web browsing experience when they see your entire home page, designed for a 17" monitor, on their 4" Smartphone.

Feb 21 2012

Warning: what you are about to learn may not make you happy.

columbus website design shared information on SEO

Here's a question you might want to ask yourself: Do you know how many people search for your services every month? Well, once you find out, and you find you're not taking advantage of that, you won't be happy.

Because we live this stuff everyday, we know that, every month, 4,400 people search on the phrase "columbus website design." We think that's a ton of people. Granted, we don't get ALL 4,400 folks finding this website, but we are found enough to get emails every week from prospects.

Jan 28 2012

The coolest web banners. Ever.

awesome web banner examples from web design columbus firm

We think that Zippo Lighters had/has the coolest web banners we've ever seen. And while three of our favorites are not running anymore, you can still see them on a mocked-up website that has no content, but shows the web banners. (Click "Read more" button to see the links.)

Jan 15 2012

Using Google, Romanians go about changing how the world sees them

Columbus website design firm shares social media and marketing stories

Traditionally, companies and organizations use the power of Google to be found online. As a Columbus website design firm, that's what we do for our clients.

But in a variation on that, Romania went about changing how the world sees them online. They had an online image problem and, using the power of Google, went about changing how the online community perceives them.

See the "Romanians Are Denigrated on the Internet" campaign here.

Jan 4 2012

Bringing the World of National Geogrpahic to where the people are

Columbus website design firm talks about augmented reality

This is really out-of-the-box thinking: it's National Geographic's killer efforts to bring "The World of National Geographic" to where the people are. To see how it works, click here.

And it's' so cool! There's no doubt it would entertain and fascinate folks enough to actually look into National Geographic once they experience "augmented reality."

Dec 18 2011

Digital holiday video we like. Alot.

Columbus website design firm, Sevell + Sevell shares a holiday card they like.

So of course, we wish WE thought of it... but of course, no one in our Columbus web design firm has cute little kids like the kids in this web design firm's video.

To see the video from the web design firm, called m .et .al ( pronounced "metal"), click this link.

So while we're sharing this video card from another web design firm with you, the bigger point is: the video is going viral, and we're a puny piece of the process.

Nov 27 2011

Make the most of QR codes with mobile websites

Columbus Ohio web design firm talks about QR codes with mobile websites.

Many marketers make the mistake of using QR codes on their signs, ads or brochures that send visitors to their website. And that's exactly what not to do...unless you want to lose a prospect right away.


While websites are fine for a 17" screen, they're awful for 3" smart phone screens. Have you ever scanned a QR code and been sent to a traditional website? If you have, you'd know never to do that to your prospects.

Nov 14 2011

Starbuck's new interactive storefront window

columbus web design firms talk about interactive windows

Maybe the U.S. isn't the technologically-advanced country we thought it was, because Starbucks launched these cool interactive windows in a Vancouver and Toronto instead of their hometown of Seattle.

But if they wanted to make sure it was ready for prime time before launching it, why launch it in major North American cities? Whatever, take a look at how Starbuck's interactive window works here.

Oct 23 2011

Ten print ads that do more than just look pretty

advertising agencies in columbus ohio, columbus advertising agencies

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know... it's all about social media, mobile sites, and apps, but there's still some very cool work being done in the world of print advertising.

Sep 10 2011

One more communuciation issue solved!

Columbus web design firm comments on thei mportannce of the Sarcasm Font

The U.S. debt crisis. European monetary system faltering. The Arab Spring.

Despite these significant financial and social issues in the world today, it is good to see that someone is stepping up and addressing one of the most critical issues in the world of communications: how to show you're being sarcastic in your electronic communications, without the hassle of adding a "jk" or ;) at the end of their tweets. (Thereby saving a valuable character or two!).

Aug 26 2011

What makes Apple's ads better than HP's ads?

Columbus web design firm compares Apple's advertising to HP's advertising

Any company wants their audience to like their marketing and advertising, and Apple is one of the few companies that knows how to make that happen. And this site that compare's Apples iPad ads to HP's Slate ads, shows you how to educate, entertain and engage an audience.

Aug 1 2011

No matter how evil you are, you cannot cheat Google

Dr Evil and Mini Me as part of Google logo

There are many ways to get your website to rank high in a Google or bing search. One of the best is to have what's called "link backs" to your website.

Here's how it works: if lots of websites have links connecting back to your site, then Google surmises your site must have really good content since so many other sites are giving it a "shout out" by referring folks to it.

Aug 1 2011

We've redesigned the Short North website

Short North arch as domain name for new website

As Columbus web designers, we get to do a lot of website work. But one that we're most proud of is the new and improved website for the Short North. (You can see it at

Jul 15 2011

Customized domain names are now available

web designer columbus talks about new domain names

For a mere $185,000 US, you can get your one-of-a-kind domain name!

The powers that determine what domains name can and can't be (not long ago, they approved the .xxx extensions), now allow your domain name to able to end with any word in any language. Of course, it's a major change in how companies, at least the ones who can afford it, can stand out and have unique, memorable domain names.

Jun 24 2011

More info about QR codes: Part 2

Free QR codes vs. Paid QR codes image

We've been working with, and learning about, QR codes, and there's more to them than one might think.

So here's something you might not be aware of: there are both FREE QR codes, as well as PAID QR codes.

Jun 7 2011

QR codes turn any location into a point-of-sale location

QR code inage from Columbus web designer

For marketers, QR codes can turn any magazine or newspaper ad into a point-of-sale location. If your audience is looking at a print ad in, say, a doctor's office, a QR code allows them to make a purchase from wherever they are. This opens up a whole new world for both publishers and marketers.

At this time, that's something you can't do with radio, or, at least as easily, with television.

May 9 2011

SEO your LinkedIn profle: Tips from a Columbus web designer.

Be better on LinkedIn

Search engine optimization doesn't only apply to websites. Did you know you can also use search engine optimization techniques for your LinkedIn profile?

On our LinkedIn page, we optimized it for "columbus web design" and "Columbus web designer" and sure enough someone found us through a LinkedIn search for those phrases.

Apr 25 2011

Proof that we feel before we think

columbus web designer, web design columbus, web designer columbus ohio

Marketing to folks' emotional side isn't anything new. There's been neuroscience proof around for years that marketing gets better results when you focus on emotions and less on rationality. So why aren't more companies doing this?

Apr 5 2011

Questions to ask any columbus web designers you speak with

columbus web designers, web designers columbus ohio, website design columbus ohi

No one knows your business better than you. But how well do you know the intricacies of web design? If you don't, we're here offer you some critical device.

Since your website is a major marketing tool, here's some tips for what to ask when looking for Columbus web designers to do your website. These are critical questions and the answers will tell you a lot about their expertise:

Mar 28 2011

Tips from a Columbus Web Designer

tips from a columbus web designer: I promise to do my keyword reearch

Finding Columbus web designer who can come up with a beautiful design is only one of three things you should be looking for.

What are the other two?

1. A ridiculously easy-to-use content management system (cms), because if you can't easily, and intuitively, update the new website yourself it will always be a hassle. And be sure to "test-drive" any cms you're looking at: don't take the designer's word for it, and

Jan 17 2011

We Are Working Hard on A New Website Design

New Website Design For Local Medical Company Orthoneuro

Just to keep everyone posted on what we're up to, we are currently working on a project for a local Columbus Ohio company, Orthoneuro. They do many things but their main medical focus is orthopedics, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

We are very excited about this project. We are giving them a bit of a re-design in addition to updating their content management system and some search engine optimization work.

Nov 24 2010

Content Management Systems Give Me Headaches


A brief look at what you should expect in a great content management system.

What to look for in a great content management system

Alright, so this is a question we have to address almost every single day. And of course, we have to show or even prove that our content management system is the best, or it's at least at the top of the heap. With all salesmanship aside, we decided to take a step back and rethink from the user's side. What would we want in a CMS? How much functionality should be included in the CMS, at what point is too much functionality?

Nov 3 2010

Your Website Probably Needs Some Work

Does your web-design suck?

Is it possible your web site sucks, and you don't even know it?

Web sites, and their ability to be ranked high by Google (translation: their ability to be found by your prospects), has become so complex, that just having a nice looking site isn't enough.

Having a good-looking site is critical too, but if no one can find it by searching by your product or service, it's an outdated site. And in that respect: it sucks!

Oct 27 2010

What The Heck Is A Rotating Story Preview And How Can It Help Your Website?

RSP image for website homepage

As a Columbus web design firm, we're always looking for ways to get your web site to work harder for you. One way is with a rotating story preview (RSP). 

An RSP is an informational slide show, that pushes the most important information out to your prospects in the first few seconds of their visit to your site. It helps you direct their visit, but it's more than just having images fading in and out. 

Oct 20 2010

Greenscapes Landscaping New Website Design

greenscapes new website redesign image

Re-designed landscape firm's website, with a little extra kick.

Continuing our collaboration with Central Ohio businesses and companies located in or near Columbus Ohio, we have re-designed Greenscapes' new website.

(Click here to see Greenscapes' new site.)

Oct 20 2010

Geography & Search Engine Optimization

firefox browser image for seo article

Geographic Landing Pages?

You're probably asking yourself, what the heck are geographical landing pages? Not to worry, it's nothing scary, we promise.

Actually, it's pretty simple and it can significantly increase your rankings within a Google or bing search.

Oct 18 2010

Is Web Design Moving to Mobile for Good?

image of laptop and mobile phone for web design article

We've read a few articles lately about the future of web design and the internet itself. One  article even suggests "The Web is dead. Long Live the Internet." (Click here to read the WIRED Magazine article)

In a nutshell, WIRED's Chris Anderson believe's the web will die because of new technologies like mobile phone apps, iPads, and online gaming devices like, Xbox Live and Netflix steaming services.

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