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Feb 1 2013

How to rank high on Google

 columbus web designer offer advice on showing up on Google

Our goal is to get you to be the first ten companies showing up on Google when someone searches for your products or services. Being in the Top 10 means being on page 1 of that Google search.

How does that happen? Well, when you're writing copy for your website, and specifically your blogs, you should be writing for two audiences: your prospects and Google.

Jan 30 2013

The study of tag lines for your logo

Columbus web designer shares the study of tag lines for your logo

The really good tag lines stay with you, like the one above for Lay's Potato Chips. Of course, they've been using it for decades, but think about what your tag lines says about your company.

The organization Neuromarketing (yes, that is an actual discipline) recently wrote an article entitled: How to write tag lines that double sales. Personally, we're not sure any tagline can manage that, but you can read the article here.

Jan 28 2013

Best Yoga ad ever...

columbus web designer shares really good marketing

The best ads have visuals that require hardly any explanation. This is one of those ads. Click here to see the ad in its entirety.

Jan 23 2013

We're all members of The Short Attention Span Society

columbus web designer says we're all members of the short attention span society

Yes, we are all members and there's no way that's gonna change anytime soon. It's the reason news programs work with sound bites instead of in-depth coverage.

So you want a Columbus web designer who knows how to plan your marketing around this little fact of life, and make it work to your advantage. How do we do that?

Make you visuals different, interesting, attention-getting, and tell a bit of a story about what you do that helps your customers.

Dec 5 2012

Ad for event fighting cervical cancer

columbus web designer shares great advertising

To see the ad in its entirety, click here.

And the two others in the series here and here.

This is an example of 1) and ad series we wished we'd done, and 2) something so beautifully simple and memorable it deserves to be recognized.

Oct 17 2012

When you write for websites, write for two audiences

columbus website design folks talks about search engine optimization

There's this website called Neuromarketing, whose focus is "Where brain science and marketing meet." Marketing has come a long way...

Oct 10 2012

Guerilla marketing and social media get results

columbus web designer shares guerilla marekting success stories

This is a guerilla marketing and social media success story from a politically-focused website in "Yekaterinburg" one of the largest cities in Russia. It is, however, a lesson we can all learn from. It's all about someone's efforts to get the mayor of Yekaterinburg to fix some major potholes.

Oct 8 2012

Vey cool bus stop billboard idea from China

way cool image of bus stop poster in 3D

Another example of very cool work coming out of other countries. The über cool thing about it is when the billboard is viewed from the side, the knife is actually a 3D element. And we imagine, you just can't help but touch the edge sticking out to see how sharp it is.

This billboard for a home and garden store in Beijing, China shows a knife cutting food, in this case, carrots. In other billboards, the knife is cutting fish and other vegetables.

Oct 1 2012

SEO: Part art. Part science.

fortune teller image shows the way not to do your SEO

Most Columbus web design firms will tell you SEO is all about getting your website to show up on page 1 on Google. And that's true, but not necessarily what we say.

We say SEO is also about:

> spending more time with your friends and family,

> having more time to play and do the things you love, and

> spending less time networking after hours and over luncheons.

Sep 8 2012

Website for Mary Shipley Interiors

Columbus web designer talks about their new project

There's this interior designer who who wins all kinds of awards, works in multiple cities and has clients who love her. It's Mary Shipley, and she is an outstanding interior designer. You can see Mary Shipley's website here.

She asked us to design and build a website that reflects the type of high-end interior design work she does. And each website we design, it's our goal to make it truly unique.

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